Harry`s Agreement With Queen

The couple had a toxic relationship with the British tabloids, who Meghan off after initially making good media coverage — a 38-year-old American actress of mixed interracial descent, who brought a breath of fresh air to one of the country`s most revered but hidden institutions. Where Edward was given a relatively inescapable position in the British military mission in France, Harry and Meghan intend to earn a more serious income. We`re sure they`ll continue to do philanthropy, but the Times recently reported details of a deal negotiated between Meghan Markle and movie giant Disney for voiceover work related to one of their favorite charities: Elephants Without Borders. As if to underline this unfortunate end, this initial statement of their intentions now appears on the Sussexes website under one which states: “In accordance with Her Majesty the Queen`s statement, information on the roles and work of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be updated on this site when the time comes.” In other words, it is the queen who makes the decisions. Nevertheless, the palace also refused to say whether and how it would monitor the couple`s activities in the private sector. Other members of the royal family who have tried to enter the private sector, such as Prince Edward, the Queen`s youngest son, or Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Prince Andrew, have stumbled. Days after a collection of high-ranking royals – including Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II – gathered to make an event since it was called the “Sandringham Summit” to obtain the finer details of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex`s “resignation” from their duties in the UK , a final agreement seems to have been reached. On this historic Saturday morning at Windsor Castle, the ancestral tradition was mixed with distinctive signs of change. The Queen has given as her main residence to the Duke and Duchess Frogmore Cottage, a historic house on the site of Windsor Castle.

They have been criticized for renovating the house for at least 2.4 million pounds ($3.1 million) in public funds. In its own words, the declaration identifies a short-term solution. “It was therefore agreed that there would be a transition period during which The Sussexes would spend time in Canada and the United Kingdom,” she wrote.