Legal Services Commission Confidentiality Agreement

All legal practitioners employed by the Commission are bound by the Australian lawyer`s rules of conduct. Commission officials must be familiar with public sector codes of conduct and respect confidentiality, particularly when addressing the public or when speaking to the media. The prohibition is intended to protect a client`s benefit from legal representation and to ensure that a lawyer`s expertise cannot be used unjustifiably in his or her dealings with a layperson. Rule 9 requires Solicitor A not to disclose confidential information obtained during the Client`s engagement unless the circumstances set out in Rule 9.2 are met. It is therefore contrary to the confidentiality obligations that solicitor A owes to the former client to disclose to counsel B one of the client`s confidential information, unless one of the exceptions has been met (for example. B, client consent or legal coercion). The Commission cannot compel a lawyer to reduce an account or repay funds. the Commission cannot prevent a lawyer from taking legal action against you in order to recover unpaid taxes. Filing a complaint with the Commission will not delay or change the procedures already initiated. 9.2.3 Counsel will disclose the information in a confidential setting only to seek advice on the lawyer`s legal or ethical obligations; The essence of the relationship between a lawyer and a client is a relationship and a trust.

The duty of confidentiality is implicit in all conversations between the lawyer and the client. The following resources address a number of issues that confront a lawyer each day with the issue of maintaining a client`s trust. The material also examines the permitted exceptions to this important obligation. The types of valuable information, which generally cover confidentiality or confidentiality agreements, may include the continuing duty of confidentiality after the end of the solicitor-client retainator. After the client`s death, confidentiality is transferred to the client`s legal personal representative. Rule 9.2 provides exceptions to this rule. In certain circumstances, there is an obligation to report the commission of a criminal offence – see the Crime Act (NSW) s316 (1) and the cognate provisions in other states. A lawyer must also report any event of the cause of the show in relation to itself (ss 85 – 92 Legal Profession Uniforme Law (NSW)). If your complaint relates to the legal fees charged to you, please read the information about complaints about court costs before filling out and filing a complaint form. Although there is no legal or ethical prohibition against such a payment, lawyers should consider the following: If you have a complaint about a government administrator, you must report your concerns to the Chief Executive Officer of that government agency or agency.