The Hypnotic Agreement System By Igor Ledochowski

He nodded favorably, and 60 seconds later, he was stunned by how the pain (a 9 on a 1-10 scale!) had disappeared again. All you really need is to listen to some of the keywords people tell you in their conversation – and all the secrets of storytelling in Module 7 to create your hypnotic storytelling capabilities. I love that my students take the secrets I teach them and improve their lives. One of these students was broke and had no prospects. He surfed the couch to give it a roof over her. Then he ran on my conversation hypnosis system. The fact is that I created a process that diverted the learning curve of the years. This does not require red memorization and you keep everything necessary for any hypnotic encounter in disguise. In other words, you don`t need to live an exciting life to tell interesting (and hypnotic) stories. A quick and simple video training system that I have set up: I will show you how to use 4 principles of hypnotic influence to first change someone`s mood and then change your mind. And if you can.

Our modern society does not use this process to teach. The school system is built backwards. How can I be so sure that you will get more agreements with “The Hypnotic Agreement System”? The entire education system is based on the conscious acquisition of information and technical know-how. What for? Because I give you 60 exercises that will turn you into a force of influence. Each exercise plants a specific hypnotic process in the unconscious. It will be provided to you as a weekly modular training system. And all bonus webinars and Q&A sessions are recorded and transcribed for you. I have already tested and taught the secrets of this special program to more than 500 students living around the world. More than 1000 others have invested in this home study version of live training….