Zalora Seller Agreement

Outside of the Shopee Mall, i.e. if you shop in the general Shopee Marketplace, the shopee return policy recommends that you speak to the seller to communicate first before requesting a return. A return request through Shopee is something you would only do in the event of a dispute, and you may need to submit photo or even video proof to make sure you can get a refund. Zalora gives sellers a good time and sells in the Southeast Asian market. Your shopping app has been downloaded more than 4 million times from the App Store. In 2018, Zalora saw the highest number of mobile engagements, attracting 38% of mobile online shoppers. Just to share my experience with Zalora MP as a seller. I have been with them for a little over 3 months. Last month I sold 5 pieces of my products with them. When the SOA arrived the other day, the payment was negative! It turned out that one of the items was cancelled because the customer changed their mind (I didn`t receive a notification about it). The other 4 items have already been delivered to buyers, according to the Seller Center. However, as the courier partner has not yet sent its report to Zalora, the status of the 4 items is still pending on the SOA.

I think it`s just unfair given that the withdrawal period is longer than 30 days. This means that it will take me 60 days to receive payment for these 4 items. Also, I forgot to mention that I have 1 return item that will still not be returned to me. It`s been more than 2 months. I guess it was lost somewhere during transportation. However, as a seller, it is very important to know the best-selling product categories in the market where you are selling. If you want to successfully generate good sales, you may need to arrange your own delivery to the seller`s warehouse unless they have opted for Qxpress returns or decide to have the unwanted item thrown away. Some hidden fees are also included that a seller incurs due to products returned by customers. hello k, I feel you.

I did the same thing. The photos I post were really clearly unchanged and I also took close-ups to show what materials are used – I also write this in the description part! If you know your product, don`t be fooled by Zalora returns. I have the same response rate!! CA. 10-20% per month too, fortunately I have already joined a number of bazaars and have been selling online for 3 years now, so I can say that my products are good and good because the items that have returned to me with the comment of dissatisfied with the quality or something like that are actually the bestsellers in my bazaars (so far). . . .